We introduce companies to investors through various events and marketing activities.

We accomplish this through...

Virtual Events

Many competitors hold webinars every day of the week. We do not and never will because we want to provide the best service possible to both issuers and investors and to meet this objective we hold no more than 2-3 webinars a month. We want to offer a premium service which means seeking out the best investors possible and following up with valuable feedback.

One-On-Ones and
Investor Presentations

If you market with a typical Canadian broker they will market you in the same four cities you have been going to for the last 20 years.  We can market in these cities as well as any broker but we also go to non-traditional cities where your typical Canadian broker never goes.

Other services we offer

Social Media Management

We can manage all elements of your social media strategy including design, content creation, and implementation on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Video Production

In addition to conducting virtual events we can look after all video production work including 15 – 30 second intro videos, commercials, site visits, and more.

Web Design

We can design and develop your website from scratch or we can improve the layout and functionality of your current website.

Graphic Designing and Marketing Decks

We can design the perfect marketing deck so you can tell your story.

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